Identifying Health Exposures

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Exposure Identification

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Defining Exposure Opportunities
Determining an individual's exposure must take into account Pollution Sources, the impact of prevailing wind and other meteorological conditions, and the location of the responding individual with respect to the pollution sources and meteorological conditions.

Information will be added to this page as it becomes available.

Pollution Sources include:

  • Aircraft Emissions
  • Ground Service Equipment Emissions
  • Emissions from Motor Vehicles in and around the airport
  •  Noise Pollution Sources
  •  Businesses near the airport
  •  Rent-a-car agencies
  •  MA Turnpike, MA Highway maintenance facilities
  •  Fuel distribution centers
  •  Central Artery Tunnel constructions

Obviously, it is a challenge to differentiate the sources originating within Logan Airport, and those outside the airport.

Location of individuals and pollution sources.

Data and tools will be used to determine by location the individuals' exposure to pollution sources, These include:

  • The Global Positioning System (GPS). This is system that uses 24 earth satellites to determine the exact location of an object within 100 feet. It is potentially useful for determining the neighborhood boundaries, and for determining internal and external control groups.
  • Meteorological Data, provided by government agencies, will provide wind and other air current information.
  • Flight pattern data, based on actual radar tracking of flights.

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