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Winthrop-Boston Wide Area Map Winthrop-Logan Five Mile Radius Map


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To view a map of the greater Boston Area surrounding Logan Airport, click here, or click on the Winthrop-Boston Wide Area Map navigation button at the top of the page.
To view a map showing only the communities within a five mile radius of Logan Airport, click here or click on the Winthrop-Logan Five Mile Radius Map navigation button at the top of the page.


The sites in the table below provide a "flavor" of Winthrop and some of its  neighboring Communities. They also provide links to other sites of interest.

This site contains up-to-date information about Winthrop' history, demographics, geography, and current events.  To get a "Flavor" of the Winthrop Community, click here.
This is the site of CARE, the "Communities Against Runway Expansion". To learn about "Airport Activism" in the Boston area, and to get access to other activist sites, click here.