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Welcome to the section of our web site that describes who we are.

This page serves as an introduction, and a "parent" to five other pages described below.


The Winthrop AIR Environment Health Committee is actually one of several committees that makeup the Winthrop AIR Organization.

For convenience, we often refer to ourselves as "The EHC". 

To learn more about us, follow the instructions/links below. The information we have provided here �on-line� is at the highlight and summary level. In addition to this information we have a considerable library, in electronic format, of detailed documentation that was developed during the creation of our organization. Examples include an "Organizational Framework" document, presentation material, planning session guidelines, etc. We will share this with anybody who is responsibly interested. Click the "Contact Us" button above to find out about getting more information.

  • To get some background on the Winthrop AIR Organization, click the the "About AIR" button in the navigation bar at the top, or. click here


  • To view a description of our committee�s (The Winthrop AIR Environment-Health Committee) organization, Goals, etc. click the "About the EH Committee" button in the navigation bar at the top, or Click here.   


  • To learn about the people who are actively involved in our committee�s Environment-health activities click the "About the People" button in the navigation bar at the top or .Click here,


  • To review Dr. Brian Dumser's Curriculum Vitae (Background and credentials), click the "Dr. Dumser's C.V." button in the navigation bar at the top, or Click Here.



For detailed information,  please click the "Contact Us" button at the top of this page., or (click here)  

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