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In this space, we'll describe the Winthrop AIR Environment-Health Committee background, organization and goals.

The EHC is part of the Winthrop AIR Organization. To learn about the AIR Organization, click the "About Air" button in the navigation bar at the top of the page, or Click Here.

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Winthrop AIR Environment-Health Committee: The Committee organization

The Winthrop AIR Environment-Health Committee began in January, 1999, when it was defined as one of the Winthrop AIR Committees. It was originally called the "Winthrop AIR Environment-Health Facts Committee" but the name has since been shortened to "Winthrop AIR Environment Health Committee". Although the word "Facts" was deleted from the name, the committee is still committed to the gathering of factual, irrefutable information. 

The Chairman and chief scientist of the EHC is Brian Dumser, CIH, PHD. Dr. Dumser is the architect of the Winthrop Health Study, and the author of the Health Study Report. To access his Curriculum Vitae, click the "Dr. Dumser's C.V." button in the navigation bar at the top of the page, or click here.

The EHC subscribes to the Common goals of Winthrop AIR, described in

 About AIR, an Overview of the Winthrop AIR organization

In addition, the Winthrop AIR EHC has the following goals:

  • To focus on factual, scientific, irrefutable facts bearing on the Health impact of Logan airport on Winthrop and surrounding communities.
  • To articulate the health and environment issues relating to Logan Airport's impact on Winthrop
  • To act as the information focal point for health and health-environment issues relating to Logan Airport's impact on Winthrop
  • To contribute to the education of the public at large about factual Health-Environment issues.
  • While accomplishing the above, to develop a group of "citizen-experts", with appropriate lay-person knowledge in the fields of public health, toxicology, epidemiology, pollution, etc.
  • To foster a spirit of teamwork, within our own organization, and with cooperating external organizations.
  • To provide a platform for "Free-Lancers", who do not wish to join the formal organization, but are interested in making a contribution to the environmental-health body of public knowledge. (For more information, click the "How to Participate" button at the top of the page.)

A principle belief of the AIR EHC is that the information we provide will offer a powerful tool to incite appropriate people and authorities to action. By developing and sharing rock-solid information, we are  providing  government entities with data needed to fulfill their responsibilities. We are also empowering individuals who wish to pursue environment-health issues with a solid foundation of facts.

Although this is a daunting task,  we have confidence in our approach. When the facts we present stand up to scrutiny at all levels: scientific, political, public, and prejudicial, then action must follow. 

This approach led to "The Winthrop Health Study", which was conducted in late spring 1999.

The <Winthrop Health Study> establishes a clear link between the respiratory Health of Winthrop residents and our proximity to Logan Airport. This is among the first studies to define that link, without the obfuscation of multiple other urban pollution sources.

The study also establishes The Town of Winthrop as a "laboratory" for further Health Studies. This is because of our sea-side geography, and the absence of any source polluters except Logan Airport.

A preliminary Health Study report was published, and announced at a Massachusetts State House Press Conference, on July 2, 1999. The final report was released in August of 1999. The report gained the immediate acceptance of the Winthrop Board of Selectmen, and the Winthrop Board of Health. Subsequently, the Board of Health offered to fund the creation of this Web Site. (This Web site is maintained at minimal cost to the Town of Winthrop by unpaid volunteers, members of the EHC.)

As mentioned above, our full attention has been on promoting action by Public Health authorities on the results of the study. Progress has been excellent, as of this writing (February 14, 2000). Something those of us new to the Public Health arena learned is the need for patience. Because the stakes are so high and the data so complex  the time between "public events" is long. The lack of visible activity may be misinterpreted as lack of progress. In fact, at this point in time, we believe we have made remarkable progress.

In addition to the promotion of the Health Study,  plans under consideration by the committee include:

  • Enhancements to this Web Site. For example:
    * Adding links to other Web Sites of similar interest.
    * Technical Work to make web-site "find-able" by search engines.
    * Adding informational content
    * Promoting the Web-Site via a publicity campaign

  • Establishing personal contact with like-minded organizations worldwide.
  • Creating a library of reference documents, understandable by "ordinary folks".
  • Publishing weekly "Enviro-Health Facts" in local newspapers
  • Developing informational-educational sessions for WCAT (local cable television) programs.
  • Developing white papers on Modeling and Monitoring Air Quality.
  • Soliciting support of Medical Professionals, in particular pulmonologists.
  • Developing a "Health Study Summary" which will simplify the message of the Study Report. (Done)
  • Engaging local schools, to promote knowledge of the environment's impact on health.
  • And lots of others

All the above projects are contingent upon the availability of Volunteer resources. For information about making a contribution. go to:

How To Participate

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