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Welcome to the section of our website that describes the most important ingredient of the Winthrop AIR Environment-Health Committee: the people who are members of the EHC.

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About the People in the Environment-Health Committee

In general, the common goal of every member is to  protect the Health of the Winthrop Community, especially when it involves Logan Airport activities.

Some members have had close personal experience with family health situations they believe can be traced to Logan Airport emissions. Others have children, or grandchildren, for whom they want to ensure the same level of clean air found in communities remote from Logan. Still others are seriously involved because they see a way of making a major, permanent contribution to their community.

Membership background and skills are diverse and very complementary. The Chairman of the Committee is Dr. Brian Dumser, PhD., CIH. Brian brings an extensive background in Public Health, toxicology, epidemiology , and other related disciplines. Dr. Dumser's credentials can be found at: Dr. Dumser's C.V.

We are also pleased to announce that Dr. Tom Vasilos, a professor at the UMass Lowell Graduate School of Chemistry, joined the team in the fall of 2000. Dr. Vasilos brings special skills in fossil fuel emissions and effects.

During the early stages of the Health Study, it became obvious that the group had a special skill in its understanding of the Winthrop Community and its people. In addition, the  gift of "just getting things done" was (and still is)  indispensable. During the "Interview Phase" of the health study the commitment to climb hundreds of flights of front-steps on hot summer nights was essentialEighteen volunteers rang about 5000 doorbells to gather the data for the Health Study. (Their names are listed at the end of the Health Study Report).

Some members bring professional skills, personal skills and backgrounds in: Health Care, Directing Hospital/College Collaboration, Management Consulting, Project Management, Investigative Reporting, Computer Systems Consulting, Accounting, Marketing, Town Government, Adult Special Education, Small Business Operation, Carpentry, Construction, Customer Service, TV Production,  and more. 

Some members even claim to have "no skill at all". This is, of course, not true, because they bring themselves, their ideas and their viewpoints, all invaluable in a community based effort.

One of the best compliments we received was stated by a periodic contributor. She said: "You all like each other. There is a great deal of respect for every individual. That's why you can get so much done."

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