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One of the most important things a Web User can do is learn to be proficient at searching the Web.

To review the basics of Web Searching, click the "Web Search Primer" in the navigation bar at the top of the page,  or click here.
To access the University of Albany course on Web Searching, click here.

The objective of this page is to help Visitors to albuterolotc.com find airport related Environment-Health Information on the World Wide Web. We hope to increase the success rate of Users trying to find information pertinent to Environment-Health issues by providing Search Engine web addresses (url's, meaning "universal resource locator"), and whenever possible, provide the search keywords and other techniques that will improve the chances of successful search.

Although we focus on the keywords <Airport>, and <Pollution>, the techniques used here can also be used to search for any information. For example, a search for information about asthma, particulate matter, or Stage 4 Engine emissions would follow the same logic.

Useful Keywords
Use these keywords, in any combination, to find airport related environmental-health web-sites: use the <AND> operator to narrow the number of hits. (The <> brackets are used here for clarity; they are not used in searching.)

These keywords and phrases can be used to narrow down searches
aviation OR airport
"environmental science" (phrases usually require quotes)
"environmental health"
These search arguments work for almost every search engine listed below. They produce relevant hits, with a minimum of bogus or secondary hits.
Most useful keywords found so far: <airport AND pollution>
Next most Useful: <airport AND pollution AND health>
Next most useful" <airport AND "air pollution"> (Note the double quotes.)
These sets of keywords are sometimes useful in eliminating bogus and secondary hits.
<Airport AND Pollution AND Health NOT business NOT fitness>

A Starter Set of Popular Search Engines
The "Tips" and "Hit Rate" information in the following table applies only to the Search Argument <Airport AND Pollution>. Since the content of each engine's information base changes frequently, this could all change. In addition, searches for other keywords, such as <asthma>, <"particulate matter 2.5">, etc. could lead to an entirely different success rate on different engines. The "Engine" column will always connect to the engine. The other columns are intended to be "Starter Set" information.
We encourage visitors to become very familiar with two or three engines, and to use all of them periodically.

Any web user can access the following search engines, except AOL Netfind, which is available only when logged on to AOL. To access the engine, click on the name in the left column.

Engine Tips Hit Rate  
About Uses Boolean +/- Operators. Many Secondary hits Will need many recursions.
AllTheWeb Use Advanced Search Very Good  
AltaVista Advanced Search uses Boolean. Not Good Swamped with secondary hits.
AOL Netfind Use Advanced Search
Use recursive.
Good Only on AOL
Copernicus This is a must for all serious web searchers. (Shoppers, too). And it's Free! Go to the site, and you can download the Copernicus meta-Search Engine. One click and it installs itself, and puts an Icon on your desktop. It uses MS Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator to browse found documents. It allows selection of the target search engines. It supports AND/OR logic on a New search, then supports all Boolean search functions on a Modify Search operation. You should have this if only for testing the reaction of many search engines to your search arguments. 
Dogpile Has options for metasearch or web catalog.
Catalog>Health>Environmental Health produces a list of Institutes and Associations.
Good Meta Search
Web Search Lots of Secondary Hits
Excite Basic Search Good
Advanced Search uses Boolean.
Good High hit rate
Google Use Advanced Search Excellent  
HotBot Directory not much help Many bad hits  
General Web Search Good
InfoSeek Follow the directory to Science>Environment>Environmental Health Good  
Lycos Basic Search Good  
Advanced Search supports AND/OR/Exact Phrase only Good  
Open Directory Project This is a project sponsored by several other search engines. You may want to take a look at it; difficult to use for searching.   Only for advanced Users
WebCrawler Basic Search Only mixed results; OK for a basic search  
Yahoo Basic Search Good  
Advanced Search supports AND/OR but ignores NOT Mixed Can be difficult to filter
Try Airport AND Health AND Pollution Excellent  

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