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This page contains links to some of the Massachusetts and Federal sites relevant to airport environmental health.

We suggest first time visitors take a look through this entire page to get acclimated to the complexities of the Environment-Health government organization. To go to the start of information about these departments, click here.
To jump to a brief explanation of, and a link to a specific department, choose it from the list immediately below, then click on it. To return to the top of the page, use CTRL-HOME on the keyboard.
The Official Website of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs (EOEA)
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
Massachusetts Environment Policy Act (MEPA)
Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Massachusetts Bureau of Environmental Health Assessment (BEHA)
Massport - Logan Airport
US Department of Transportation (DOT)
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
US Federal Aeronautics Administration (FAA)


Note to Visitors:

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The Official Website of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

This site has a path to every state agency, and a search capability. If you need a place to start for Massachusetts government, this is it.

To access the Mass State web site, click here.

Massachusetts State Environmental and Health Organizations.

There are two major organizations, each reporting to the Governor's office. 

Massachusetts Executive Office of Environment Affairs (EOEA)

Headed By: Bob Durand, Secretary of Environmental Affairs, who reports to the Governor.
Its mission is to protect and conserve natural resources in Massachusetts. The EOEA has oversight responsibility for the environmental reviews related to airport expansion. To access the EOEA, click here.

EOEA is the parent organization of DEP and MEPA, among others.

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
Headed By: Commissioner Lauren Liss, who is appointed by the Secretary of Environmental Affairs.
Its mission is to be the guarantor of the people's right to clean air and water.

To access the MA DEP, click here.

Massachusetts Environment Policy Act (MEPA)

Headed by: Director Jay Wickersham.
Home of Arthur Pugsley, IV, who participates in the Logan Environmental Review process.
: This is the web site of the department responsible for enforcement of the MEPA.  It contains a set of the MEPA regulations, and a "responsibility matrix" of regulations vs. responsible department.
MEPA also provides the procedure (The Environmental Impact Statement) that is used to satisfy environmental obligations.

To access MEPA, click here.

 Massachusetts Department of Public Health

The Secretary of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) is William K. O'Leary.
The Commissioner is Howard K. Koh.
Its mission is "helping people lead healthy lives in healthy communities".

To access the Commissioner's Page, click here.

Mass DPH is the parent organization of the Bureau of Environmental Heath Assessment (BEHA), among others.

Massachusetts Bureau of Environmental Health Assessment (BEHA)

Head of the BEHA is Suzanne Condon, Assistant Commissioner.

The BEHA, among other responsibilities, is the department that conducts health studies.

It is part of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

To access the BEHA, click here.

Other Mass State Agencies
Massport - Logan Airport

This site has Massport's view of the world. It contains a link to "Planning For the Future", which contains information about regional airports. It also contains an interesting set of FAQ's about Massport's view of airport regionalization.

To access Massport - Logan, click here.


 US Government - Federal Agencies
US Department of Transportation

DOT Mission: "To serve the US by ensuring a fast, safe, efficient, accessible, and convenient transportation system that meets our vital national interests and enhances the quality of life of the American People, today and in the future."

This department plays a prominent role in Boston's "Big Dig" construction project, as well as air transportation initiatives.

( Note: Could it be that "The buck stops here?")

The home page presents a list of choices. Click on "Programs and Initiatives" to access information about "Free Flight Phase 1 (FAA's improved control system)", or "Intermodal Transportation".

Go to the bottom of the Site home page, and click on the "Search" link to access an index of every DOT web page.

To access the US DOT, click here

The US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)

This site has links to many research centers and programs for concerned citizens.

To access the US EPA, click here.

 The US Federal Aviation Agency (US FAA)

This site has an enormous amount of information, if you can find it. It is a source of a great deal of technical information and also contains links to other FAA sites.

To access the US FAA, click here.