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This page contains News Clips that were removed from the Home Page. It will provide some continuity to  progress of the Health Study. The most recent is at the top. Click on one of these links to go directly to the newsclip.

News March 15, 2002   - Report on Second Community Advisory Committee Meeting
  News December 23, 2001 - MDPH contract with Public Health Resource Group is announced; some timetable tasks firmed up.
News December 6, 2001
- Second CAC Meeting announced, then postponed due to significant progress.
News October 29, 2001 - First CAC Meeting announced.
News February 7, 2001
- Project Manager hiring is announced

News March 15, 2002
A Report on the Logan Health Study Community Advisory Committee Meeting March 13, 2002

The meeting focused primarily on the design of the survey instrument (i.e. "The Question Set"), and the methods of selecting, contacting and interviewing survey respondents. Additional information was provided about The Public Health Resource Group (PHRG) organization, history and expertise. (PHRG has been contracted by MDPH to design and conduct the interviewing phase of the Health Study.)

Design of the Survey Instrument and Methodology is explained in a new web-section. To access the "Health Study  Design" section, click here.

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News December 23, 2001
December 23, 2001. The Next Community Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for March 12, 2002.  
This is a change in schedule, caused by the imminent completion of two major project milestones. The original January meeting date no longer applies.
The Mass Department of Public Health (MDPH) and Public Health Resource Group (PHRG) have formalized a contract, and set new task and target dates for the Logan Health Study. MDPH is still shooting for June, 2002 to kick off the study interviews.
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News December 6, 2001
(Note: On December 21, 2001, The CAC Meeting described here has been postponed to March 12, 2002.). Postponement was due to the near completion of two major milestones. To get the details, click here.

Next Community Advisory Committee scheduled for January 15, 2002.  Progress continues; DPH contract negotiations with the Public Health Resource Group (PHRG) are expected to complete successfully in the very near future.
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News October 29, 2001
October 29,2001. Progress on the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Logan Airport Health Study! Significant work has been done by the Bureau of Environmental Health Assessment. A Project Coordinator has been working for six months doing a great deal of prep work. Progress has been made to the point that the first Community Advisory Committee meeting was held October 29, 2001. Fifteen community representatives have been named to the CAC.  
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News February 7, 2001
February 7, 2001. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Bureau of Environmental Health Assessment, has confirmed that a project manager/environmental scientist has been hired by the BEHA to head the Logan Airport Health Study. More information will be forthcoming, as it is made available by the BEHA. To get an idea of the new project manager's start-up tasks, check out the BEHA Timetable.