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About The Public Health

The information contained here was presented at the CAC meeting of March 13, 2002, by Dr. Ronald H. Deprez, PhD., MPH, of PHRG.

The parent company of PHRG is the Public Health Research Institute, founded in 1988.  The company is headquartered in Portland, Maine, USA.

PHRG Offerings:

  • Provides high-quality scientific research and consulting to identify, describe and define complex health care issues.
  • Conducts epidemiological studies to further the design of programs and policies that target the detection and treatment of chronic diseases.
  • Designs and evaluates demonstration strategies and cost-effective solutions for health service delivery problems
  • Designs practical evaluation protocols for monitoring the achievement of health program objectives
  • Develops solutions for the maximum utilization of health resources necessary to confront local and regional health care issues

The PHRG Project Team supporting the Logan Health Study:

  • Ronald D. Deprez, PhD., MPH       Project Director
  • Nancy L. Asdigian, Ph.D                 Survey Instrument Manager
  • MaryEllen FitzGerald, MS               Fieldwork Director
  • Christine Oliver, MD, MS                Physician Advisor  (also practicing at MGH)
  • Staff supporting the Interview phase:
    • 30 licensed computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI)  stations
    • 35 Trained and experienced phone interviewers
    • Some Interviewers are multi-lingual
    • A full-time quality assurance manager                   

Similar Studies conducted by PHRG:

  • Random Sample Health Surveys in Massachusetts and ten other states in the US.
  • Various Asthma, respiratory health, air quality, cardiovascular services studies.

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